Freaky Deaky Texas 2020 | Freaky Deaky Houston

Searching for PLUR at Freaky Deaky Festival 2019 in Houston?

We'll be there. We look forward to meeting you!

Rave edm festivals in Houston
PLURWAY at raves and edm festivals like Freaky Deaky and Something Wicked

What is PLURWAY all about?

We're rave parents who go to dance parties and EDM events like Freaky Deaky, formerly Something Wicked, all over the United States to help ravers. We provide a safe place to hang out when you feel lonely or afraid. No judgement.

Why we do this

We're Christians and these are small ways we can SHOW you God's unselfish love, not shove religion down your throat.

Our hope is that you live without regret, experience His ultimate love and pursue the amazing purpose for your life.

Stop by at Freaky Deaky

Our PLURWAY RV or tent area is usually located outside, somewhere near the venue. Be sure to stop by for free:

  • cell phone charging
  • kandi bracelets
  • free hugs from our Rave Moms
  • food and water bottles
  • stupid dad jokes

We're here if you need

  • a mom because you feel alone
  • directions because you're feeling lost
  • help getting an Uber or Lyft ride
  • a safe place away from predators
  • someone to get medical attention for you or a friend

Connect with us

Rave tips for festivals like Freaky Deaky

  • Most people are seeking PLUR at raves. But not everyone is. That's why it's a good idea to stay sober and alert. Our rave moms have found many people who've partied too hard, unable to protect themselves. We have stood in between them and predators outside some of these venues. Staying sober is your best chance at a rave to stay safe. Drugs are prohibited by the promoters to keep you safe.
  • Stay together. Please watch out for each other.
  • Decide on a meeting spot just in case you get separated.
  • Remember where you parked your car. It helps to take a photo or drop a pin.
  • Never be alone or let your friends be alone. If one of you has to leave, someone should leave with them!
  • Stay hydrated. Even when it's muggy or raining, your body needs fluids.
  • Never accept an unsealed drink from someone, because, unfortunately, getting dosed is way too common these days.
  • It's worth it to pay for the venue parking. Don't try to park and walk from far away.
  • It's even better to take advantage of shuttles or Uber and Lyft
  • This rave mom rant is over! We do it 'cause we love y'all!